6 hauskaa tekemistä, kun et pelaa simejä

The Sims 4 on loistava peli, joka antaa sinulle täydellisen hallinnan “Simisi” elämään. Luo heidän ilmeensä ja persoonallisuutensa, rakenna ja suunnittele heidän kotinsa, anna heille työpaikka, hanki ystäviä, rakastajia ja vihollisia kaupungin muiden simien kanssa, kehitä heidän taitojaan ja tarjoa heille harrastuksia, lähetä heidät lomalle ja paljon muuta! Vaikka tehtävää olisi niin paljon, pelistä voi … Leggi tutto

Best Sims hacks in 2021

Have any problems got past certain points in your gameplay? Not able to get a certain expansion because your Sims keep freezing? Want more out of the base game? Before I start, though, you should know that while most hacks are safe and good for your gameplay, some can make it worse. This article will … Leggi tutto

Why Are Games Like Sims So Popular?

Games like The Sims are so popular because they allow you to fulfil your fantasies through your avatar’s actions. They allow you to have an experience that wouldn’t be available in real life due to expenses, range of skills or abilities, or time restraints. This game became very popular for many reasons. The main reason … Leggi tutto

Fun Entertainment Venues in The Sims World

The Sims world is a vast open-ended game that was set up to simulate everyday life. Since its release in 2000, the game has gone through many expansions and sequels. There are several versions of the original released for PC/Mac, Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS handhelds and mobile phones. As you may have already … Leggi tutto

The Sims games history and how Has It advanced

The first game of the series, The Sims 1, was released on February 4, 2000. Since then there have been up to ten different expansions for this game, as well as three different base games (if you count Unleashed). There was also a spin-off holiday-themed version known as Seasons. In 2002, another sequel was released … Leggi tutto