Best Sims hacks in 2021

Have any problems got past certain points in your gameplay? Not able to get a certain expansion because your Sims keep freezing? Want more out of the base game?

Before I start, though, you should know that while most hacks are safe and good for your gameplay, some can make it worse. This article will filter through all of the TS 4 hacks out there and provide a rating system so you’ll know if they’ll be helpful or harmful. But don’t forget – sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you aren’t sure about something, search online or ask other players!

Check out this list!

Expansion packs: Get to Work

Retail businesses have been a part of The Sims since the beginning. Ever since Hot Date allowed you to run your own business and hire employees, entrepreneurship has been a part of TS games. In Get To Work, players can open up their own retail businesses, as well as investigate the mysteries of the unknown! With alien abductions, science experiments went wrong, and mysterious creature sightings – there’s so much to discover.


The first mod on this page changes a lot about Get Together. You can have episodes that allow for all clubs or just one specific club. If that’s not enough, then you also have the option to completely remove club interactions from the game. Finally, you can even switch out club or casino requirements.

Alien abduction – and science experiments: Aliens and simbots (robot Sims) are a lot of fun, but wouldn’t it be cool if there were more? If you want to add in your own aliens or create an army of robot work friends, then download these mods. The first one allows for abduction at any time by any type of alien, while the second adds in four different types of robots that will help around the house. With both combined, you’ll have tons of new experiences for your Sim! A tip when using the second one – make sure to download the “No autonomous Free Will” mod on the same page! This will give your simbot full autonomy and make it a lot more fun to play.

Expansion pack: Get Together

The second expansion pack allows you, players, to form groups with others within their town, all while joining up at different hangout spots around the world. While some people enjoy this aspect of TS4, other Simmers found that clubs took away from their storytelling. Many club activities had nothing to do with the actual theme of the club, and there were hardly any restrictions on joining them (meaning that everyone could be in every club). These mods change everything about clubs and allow for even more storytelling possibilities than before!

Similar to Something Special for the Club (which is also on this list), this mod allows you to create or make changes to specific clubs. With relevant, custom club titles and descriptions; restricted sign-ups; and even a club ranking system, you can now tell all sorts of stories!

Make your own signs: This one’s simple – it adds in additional sign options that allow you, players, to make their own ‘for sale’ signs, as well as no trespassing and other types. It’s especially helpful if you’re trying to sell your house/business.

Finally, we come across another mod that helps with storytelling. Sims soon learn that certain actions could result in a visit from the police – such as stealing or fighting – but what about those criminal masterminds? This mod allows players to tell the stories they want to tell by adding in a police uniform for both males and females. Once you have it, you can choose whether your Sim is a policeman or policewoman!

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