Fun Entertainment Venues in The Sims World

The Sims world is a vast open-ended game that was set up to simulate everyday life.

Since its release in 2000, the game has gone through many expansions and sequels. There are several versions of the original released for PC/Mac, Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS handhelds and mobile phones.

As you may have already known, there are a lot of things to do in this game. You could choose to live your lives as ordinary human beings or go above and beyond by becoming vampires or zombies while still being alive! But no matter how far you take your Sims outside of their normal lives or into something supernatural, there are still some places that let them have fun just being themselves, just like other people around the world.

You have probably heard of the local club, bars and casinos, but some others might be more familiar to those who are fortunate enough to have experienced The Sims 3. So, here are just a few fun venues that you could visit in your wanted travels in The Sims!

1. Gym & Spa

Well, it’s no secret that when Sims get older they tend to lose their athletic physique for a more “mature” look. As these physical limitations start creeping onto them throughout the years, elderly Sims need something to help maintain their fitness levels so they don’t become too frail or out-of-shape in life.

The Gym is one of the best-kept secrets of the adult community where they are able to enjoy many activities that help them stay in shape. Their grades are also based upon their physical strength and energy levels, so keeping a high bar is essential for professional Sims who need top performance.

Don’t forget about the Spa either! All of these amenities will be available once the Gym has been built and you could spend some time relaxing while your Sim gets pampered with a luxurious massage or soothing bath. If you don’t want any of the features on the menu, then it’s okay; you can just hang out at the poolside or sauna and socialize with other members.

2. Swimming Pool

One of the most popular entertainment venues for all ages is swimming pools! No matter what version of The Sims you have, this has been one of the best activities for Sims to enjoy.

Just like real-life swimming pools, these can be a great place to socialize with others and work on building relationships with other neighbours. It is also a good way to cool down from a hot summer day by taking a dip in the pool or going for a leisurely swim around the circumference. If you have school-age children who need to exercise more, then let them play Marco Polo or race each other across the length of the pool!

If your Sim is feeling more adventurous instead, go cliff diving into some deep water! They might end up getting caught by sharks though… it’s all fun and games until someone loses a leg!

3. Movie Theater

With all of the Sims-related TV shows and movies that are introduced with each new expansion pack, you would think they would have their own cinemas with theatre rooms to watch them on the big screen… but I guess that’s beyond the realm of possibility. If your Sim wants to take in some fresh air or hold an indoor party at home, then they could always catch some free movies playing outside on neighbourhood TVs whenever it gets dark.

4. Karaoke Machine

When retired Sims feel like they need to get out more after spending years cooped up inside of their homes for work, there is no better way to break the ice than by singing karaoke with some friends at a bar or local club.

If you want to join in on the action, then build your own karaoke machine for your home on either console or computer. It will let everyone have the chance to sing along on any of the songs available in-game! Please note that you cannot make up your own lyrics though since it’s just an instrumental

5. Casinos

If your Sims have been saving up a ton of money from their jobs or just want to become adventurous, then they should try their hand at a casino. There are a few scattered throughout the neighbourhoods, but you’ll probably find them more easily through the computer search. 

Once inside, you could play Blackjack or Slots anytime during opening hours and see if you can make it big with some good cards. Of course, the house always wins… but it would be nice if someone else was handling all of those chips for once!

6. Bars/Nightclubs

As you continue to advance into adulthood, bars will start popping up around town as one of the most popular venues to hang out with friends, potential love interests, or even co-workers after work hours. They are great for making new connections and furthering business deals.

It’s always fun to relax at home with a buddy while you enjoy some drinks together, but there is something about batting suitors away in an annoyingly crowded bar that makes me feel so powerful! If neither of these activities sounds appealing to you though, then you could also just turn your computer/gaming console on in the early evening hours so your Sim can play video games all night instead.

7. Bowling Alley

If the locals don’t want to go bowling at their local alleys, then they might consider attending the local churches instead… who even knew they could go bowling? If you would like to introduce some outdoor sports into the game, then get out there and start knocking down those pins!

Bottom line

If you’re having a little too much fun in your neighbourhood and want to add some more excitement into your Sims’ lives, then check out these great venues for things to do!

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