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Building friendships and romance in The Sims 4 can be a bit of a chore, so players often get cheated. Thankfully the following tricks should work for both PC / Mac and Playstation 4 and Xbox. You need to get the syntax correct, but I’m here to help.

Enable cheats

Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console, a small command line in the upper left corner of the screen. On console, press all four triggers (L1 / L2 + R1 / R2) to do this.

Once open, you just have to type the commands and press Enter. We will use the modifyRelationship YourSimFirstname YourSimLastname Sim2Firstname Sims2LastName # Relationship_Type – See below for explanations. The test tricks can be turned off for these, but you can try to turn them on if you have problems.

Relationship types: romance, friendship and friendship between Sim and pets

There are three types of friendship. They can range from -100 to +100. A value of 0 is neutral, while a +100 means I really like you or by +100 romance, I really love you. Negative values can make Sims enemies.

  • LTR_Friendship_Main – normal Sim to Sim friendship
  • LTR_Romance_Main – Sim to Sim romance
  • LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main – A Sim’s relationship with a pet (The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Only)

Friends and Foes Cheats

For examples on using this, I have two Sims here. My Sim’s name is Ashley Payne, target is Yuki Behr. So to make them enemies, I would use ModifyRelationship Ashley Payne Yuki Behr -100 LTR_Friendship_Main and get this result, a completely red friendship bar – real enemies:

If I then wanted to take them out of the hole, I’d have to add 200, because that’s negative. 100 would be fine if they were neutral, but to maximize that I will use ModifyRelationship Ashley Payne Yuki Behr 200 LTR_Friendship_Main .

Romance tricks

This is useful if you want a boy or girl right away or just woohoo with another Sim to try for a kid. To maximize their romance bar, I would use ModifyRelationship Ashley Payne Yuki Behr 100 LTR_Romance_Main. Remember, even romance can turn negative! For example, with -100 romance and -100 friendship, two Sims are total opposites. If they have a positive romance but a negative friendship, they can be labeled as “Enemies with benefits.

Based on all of the above, you should have no problem tricking out a friendship with a pet. If the dog’s name was Duke Eats the Garbage I would use it ModifyRelationship Ashley Payne Duke EatsTheGarbage 100 LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main.

I hope this helps!

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