The Sims 4 Fill needs cheats for PC / Xbox / Ps4 / Mac

How to create your own Sims You need full

Open the cheat console. Press Ctrl + Shift+ C on a Windows computer or ⌘ Command + Shift+ C on a Mac. You should see a text box appear at the top of the screen.

Enable tricks. Enter testingcheats on and press Enter to do so. You will receive a confirmation message "Cheats are enabled" on the left side of the window.

Go to a Sim. Find the Sim for whom you want to increase at least one needs bar.

Review the Sim's needs. Select your Sim to view its needs and take note of the low ones.

Fills the needs of a Sim. After determining which one needs to be filled, open the cheat console again, then type fillmotive motive_needMake sure you replace the need with the name of a need and press Enter.

For example, to fill in your Sim's "Social" bar, you would enter fillmotive motive_social here.

Satisfy all of your Sim's needs at once. If you want to satisfy more than one need at a time, you can use the "Make happy" trick:

  • Hold down Shift while clicking on a Sim.
  • Click on Tricks Needs ... in the resulting pop-up options.
  • Click on Make happy

Meet the needs of your entire world. If you want to set the needs of each Sim to the maximum, you can do so using the mailbox of your Sims' world:

  • Go to the mailbox.
  • Hold down Shift while clicking on the mailbox.
  • Click on Alter Needs
  • Click on Fill Needs (world)

Remember to refill your Sims' needs periodically. Your Sims will continue to consume their needs at a regular rate, which means you'll need to reinsert your chosen trick every so often to make sure your Sims' needs are still full.

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