The Sims 4 city life cheats for Pc/Xbox/Ps4/Mac

With the release of The Sims 4 Life in the City there are also new cheats. They are also added to the page cheat codes. Enjoy!

The Sims 4 City Life Cheats

access the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL + Shift+ C. Enter the cheat code testingcheats true.

stats.set_skill_level Major_Singing 10Maximises singing ability
careers.promote SocialMediaGet promoted in your social media career
careers.promote careers_adult_criticGet a promotion in the career of a critic
careers.promote ActivistGet promoted as a politician
stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10Get 1 million followers on Simstagram

The Sims 4 City Life Reward Trait Cheats

traits.equip_trait HomeTurf Home turf These Sims become happy when they are in their home neighbourhood.
traits.equip_trait SpiceHoundSpice Hound Spice Hounds never find food too spicy and feel happy for hours after eating a spicy meal.
traits.equip_trait InTheKnowIn the Know Sims who are in the Know can get a huge discount on market stall purchases if they haggle with the sellers.
traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvySavvy with chopsticks From slippery spaghetti to peas, these Sims have mastered the art of eating with chopsticks.
traits.equip_trait trait_hidden_career_critic_thriftyCritically Connected Taking advantage of their status in the art world, Critically Connected Sims receive a 20% rebate on all art purchased in Build mode each week. Rebates will be applied directly to household funds.

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