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The Sims 4: Guide to acting skills

The acting skill was introduced in The Sims 4 when the popular new expansion game was released in late 2018. It is an essential skill for an acting career and is important for children who have joined the drama club as an after school activity. You can also use this skill to perform for tips and earn some extra money.

How to acquire acting skills

The easiest ways to acquire acting skills include practising acting in the mirror or using the microphone to do the same. At acting level 4 you can unlock the Trouper Mirror, a special type of mirror that can increase your acting skills faster.

You can also read acting books that you can easily buy off the shelf. You can even perform scenes in the world to acquire the skill and earn some money from the tips.

Traits that help acting skills


Sims who have the confident trait are much more likely to be randomly confident about which mood is best for acquiring the acting skill!

Master Actor (Suction)

The master actor aspiration gives you the bonus trait world famous actor/actress. This trait gives your sim the confidence never to fail an acting attempt which will help him acquire the skill successfully.

Ideal mood for acting skills

The best state of mind for increasing your acting skills is confidence, which also applies to acting in the real world. Confidence is crucial if you are going to play a role! If you want to make your sim confident, you can do something as simple as clicking on the sink and brushing your teeth.

Acting skill levels
Acting skill level 1

At the first level of the acting skill you unlock the ability to practise acting using a mirror or microphone.

Acting skill level 2

The second level of the acting skill unlocks your ability to practice your acting skill with another sim. You can now also cry on demand when you click your sim and this will give you a sad mood for a short period of time.

Acting skill level 3

When you reach the third level of the acting skill, you can now act to completely save an awkward conversation that your sim might have entered. You can now perform a romantic scene with another sim, which can also be done for tips to earn some side income.

Acting skill level 4

At level 4 of the acting skill you will unlock the Trouper Mirror, a (very nice) mirror that will help you acquire the acting skill faster. * Note: the mirror is not automatically in your inventory.

Acting skill level 5

When you reach level 5 of the acting skill, you can now perform a musical scene that can also be performed for tips.

Acting skill level 6

At the 6th level of the acting skill you can officially perform acting scenes that can also be performed for tips. Now you can "Act Not Bored" when you are not enjoying a conversation and also save a boring conversation.

Acting skill level 7

When you reach level 7 of the acting skill, you can now perform an action scene that can also be performed for tips. You can now also save an unpleasant conversation when your sim or another sim makes a conversation not so great.

Acting skill level 8

At this level of the acting skill you can now unlock the basic microphone support which will help you get the acting skill faster than the normal microphone in the base game. You can also start doing sci-fi scenes for shows from which you can earn tips.

Acting skill level 9

Now you can perform a comedy scene that can also be done for hints, and you can also use "act without embarrassment" to get rid of an embarrassed mood and hide the embarrassment from the other sims.

Acting skill level 10

At level 10 you have reached the maximum acting ability and can now perform dramatic scenes that can also be done for tips. You have now also unlocked a jacket and trousers in Create a Sim!

Performance of acting for suggestions

Performing for tips is a great little side hustle for your sim if you're waiting for a new acting gig or if you're a stay-at-home mum who just needs a little money for her family.

If your sim is able to gather a sufficient number of people around you, you can earn a fair amount of money by performing different scenes in front of sims. You can also bring a friend or use another sim to perform together and make more money.

Final thoughts

The acting skill is a seriously fun skill to develop and even an acting career can be really interesting if you decide to follow that path! Have you tried the acting skill in Sims 4? Do you like it? Let me know!

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