The Sims 4 Civil Engineer Career (Ecological Lifestyle)

There are a number of careers for your Sims to explore in The Sims 4 and, thankfully, with the new pack, The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, we've been given another one to try out. We're now able to join the civil designer career where your sim can talk to others about ways to make their lives better and greener and create new technologies to get the job done.

Aspirations for a career as a civil designer

Sometimes when you create a sim you want to have the perfect aspiration for a career, and for this career you should choose the Eco Innovator aspiration. This aspiration actually achieved level 10 of the civil designer career as a requirement, so you know they work really well together.

In this aspiration, your sim will actually have to vote on the action plans of the neighbourhood, convince people to vote for their plans and sell energy to the power companies. It's also a great way to learn the pack.

Traits for a career as a civil designer

Green Demon

The best trait to give your sim for this career is the Green Fiend provided with Eco Lifestyle. Green Fiend sims will have a better time doing eco activities and will work hard to make their world greener, which goes hand in hand with this career.


You may also want to make your sim extroverted. This is because there are parts of this career where you have to talk to sims about their utilities or convince someone to vote for a NAP and being their friend is important for that. Outgoing sims are more likely to enjoy talking to people.

University degrees for a career as a civil planner

If you've installed The Sims 4: Discover University in your game, you might be thinking about going to university before starting this career for the extra benefits of the job. You can earn more money, a signing bonus and better perks like days off.

Each career in the game has certain grades that you will need to obtain these bonuses, and for the civil designer career path we recommend entering Physics or Communications.

Civil designer career levels

There are only three levels before you can choose a branch in this career. Your daily task will be to interview a homeowner about utilities. You can ask this question to any adult sim and their answers don't really count. If you have a low report you will receive a notification that your interview skills were not very good, but this will still meet the requirement.

Before branching out, you focus on dexterity and logical ability. Manual dexterity decreases for both branches, so don't work too hard to increase level 3 past just for the sake of your career. However, you will need to maximise logic, so start working on that early.

Civic Planner Branch

The civic planner career branch will have your sim working on logic and charisma skills. You will need to maximise logic to reach level 10 in this career, so start focusing on that soon.

Your daily task in this career is to earn influence points. There are many ways in which you can gain influence, this includes friendly introductions, becoming best friends, being promoted, carrying out tasks that correspond to the action plans of the neighbourhood and much more.

Green technician

The green technical branch of the career will have your sim working on fabrication and logic skills in the game to get promoted. Luckily, when you get promoted you'll receive a Store No More Home Fabricator, so you won't have to spend the §1,800 on yourself.

Every day you will have to manufacture an environmentally friendly upgrade part, and all you need to make one are the parts you can get by recycling various objects using the recycling machine.

You will also get some fun unlocks in the branch, the best being the ability to grow your own meat without cruelty.

Final thoughts

Being a civil engineer in the game is fun and can give you cool unlocks and new skills. It's always nice to have a new career in The Sims 4 because it seems like we don't have enough of them! Enjoy the game!

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