Career Guide in The Sims 4 Law

Now that we've been rewarded with The Sims 4: Discover University, we've got 3 new careers with the law which is a really exciting addition to the game.

Your sim now has the opportunity to become a judge or a private lawyer in the course of his career and can earn a really great living. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about a legal career in The Sims 4.

Traits for a legal career

Choosing the right traits for your sim can really help you acquire skills faster and get promotions faster.

The first trait that can help is the genius trait. This is because you have to work on the logic skill for the judge branch and genius sims will focus more often, which can improve the speed at which your sim will acquire the logic skill.

You may also want to choose outgoing because you will need to acquire the charisma skill for the private lawyer. The best way to acquire the charisma skill is to talk to other sims and outgoing sims will have the best time when they do this.

Lottery traits for a legal career

Lot traits are extremely useful if you are looking to progress in your career because some lot traits will help you develop skills faster. This career will focus on logical skill and charismatic skill, as well as the brand new research and debate skill.

The first batch trait that will be useful is the science den batch trait, this will make your sim acquire the logical skill more quickly.

The second one that will help your legal career is the convivial trait of the lot. This is great for the charisma skill because it makes social interactions smoother, which can help you acquire the skill more quickly.

Degrees that help in this career

With The Sims 4 Discover University there's a degree (or two or three) that will help you in each career and give you bonuses. You'll start your career at a higher level, earn more money and even get a signing bonus.

The two grades you will get as a bonus for a legal career will be history or language and literature!

Working from home

The new legal career has the fantastic option of working from home if you wish. Every morning, one hour before the start of the shift, your sim will receive a pop-up asking if he/she wants to go to work or work from home for the day.

If you choose the work-at-home option, you will be assigned some tasks to complete before your next shift starts the next day. For the legal career these are things like filing a lawsuit, filing court documents and more. Most of these can be done on the computer in the career section.

As you complete these tasks, you will receive some money for each task and you can also get a bonus if your boss thinks you did a great job.

Legal career levels

"Sims who pursue a legal career are in a unique position to help others with their legal problems, defend cases and promote the public good (or not). That nice paycheck doesn't hurt either!"

This career will focus heavily on research and debate skills, so it is important that you work on this early and often. You can gain this skill by using one of the research machines found in Britechester's library or in one of the University's Commons.

Your daily task for this career is something as simple as filing court documents, this can be done on a computer in the career>law section.

To pass level 4 of the legal career, your sim will have to pass the lawyer's exam. This is a rabbit hole where your sim will leave the house for two hours, you can find this interaction on the computer in the career > law section.

At level 5 of your legal career you will have to start offering your services to other sims you know. You will do this by clicking on the sim and choosing offer legal representation.

Career breaks in education (before the branch)

With each career you unlock new items in construction mode such as furniture and decorations, and the legal career has a couple of nice unlocks to explore.

Your sim will get the lawyer's bookcase as well as the impressive lawyer's desk and chair. You can really use them to create a nice law office for your sim's home.

branch of the judge

"Judges preside over judicial proceedings and conduct trials impartially and lawfully. Armed with a gavel and dressed in judicial robes, they exercise constitutional authority."

Your sim will have to continue to increase his or her logical skills during this career branch, which means that he or she should have a chess table in his or her home to ensure that he or she meets these requirements.

You will also need to reach level 9 of the Research and Debate skill, which can be achieved by using research machines. You can find these machines at the university commons or the Britechester library, or buy one from construction mode.

Unlock the judge's branch

The only unlockable item your sim will get in this career branch (and the other one as well) is On a scale of 1 to justice, nothing exciting but a nice piece of home decor.

Private Lawyer Section

"Managing legal cases, practicing law in court and recruiting high-profile clients. It's all the name of the game when you're a private lawyer. Work hard, win your cases and you could be a Partner."

This career branch will make your sim focus on his charisma skill. This skill can be acquired by talking to other sims or by practising a speech in the mirror.

You will also acquire the new skill of research and debate which can be performed using one of the research machines located in the Britechester library or in a university community.

Unlock the private lawyer

There are no exciting unlocks in this career branch, only on a scale of 1 to justice. This is a nice piece of furniture, but it has no real function.

Final thoughts

The legal career is a nice addition to the game and a great career for any ambitious sim to explore. What do you think of the new careers in The Sims 4: Discover University? Let us know in the comments!

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