The Sims 4 Education Career Guide

With the new addition of The Sims 4: Discover University comes three new careers, Education, Engineering and Law. All careers are great additions to the game and have been long awaited.

I think the education career is one of the most sought after and many players have been waiting for months, if not years, for this to be added. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to master the educational career in The Sims 4.

School career traits

The educational career will focus strongly on research and debating skills, so genius might be a good trait to choose as those sims will probably value research more than other sims.

You might also find the genius useful because a genius sim concentrates more often and concentration is a good mood to use the research machines. Also, genius is good for the logic skill which is the second skill for the professor branch.

You might also want to choose outgoing if you are going down into administration because charisma is a big focus on that side.

Lot Traits for Educational Careers

Many traits can really make their skills grow faster and are a great addition to any family. If your sim is choosing the administrative branch, conviviality is a very important trait because it allows charisma interactions to go more smoothly.

If you are going through the professors' branch, you could choose the science den because this will help your sim to increase its logical skills more quickly.

Degrees that help with education

There are some degrees that will help you in each career, with these degrees you can skip some levels, get a signing bonus and get more holiday days. Degrees that can help this career are economics and psychology.

Working from home

The educational career is one of the newest careers to which a work from home option is linked. This means that every morning, one hour before the start of work, you will see a popup asking you whether you want to go to work or work from home.

If you choose to go to work, your sim will leave the car park as normal and return home when the shift is over. If you choose to work from home, you will be given a list of tasks to complete by the start of the next day's shift.

Every time you complete a work from home activity you will be given some money and sometimes even a bonus if your boss is impressed with your work. This is a great option if you want to raise children while having a successful career.

Work from home in this career includes things like practical lessons, assessment tasks and more. If you are not sure how to complete a work from home activity, you can hover over it in the career panel and it will tell you how.

Career breaks in education (before the branch)

With each career in The Sims 4, you will have several unlockable items that are only available if you complete the requirements or use cheats. There are 3 really nice unlocks that your sim will receive if he manages to pass the first 5 levels of the educational career.

The first is the A for Apple Clock, which is a really cute clock for any child's bedroom or family home. Next is the art of The World is Your Oyster. And finally you'll unlock The Teacher's Desk, a beautiful desk with drawers that look exactly like memories from primary schools.

Branch administrator

"Sims pursuing a career in university administration will occupy a variety of roles, all of which are critical to the success of the larger institution. You don't work directly with students, but your decisions will affect their entire educational experience and their lives for years to come."

When you join the administrator branch, your sim will unlock some new skills including: reviewing budget proposals, planning the agenda for faculty meetings, writing grants and asking for donations.

This career branch focuses on the skill of charisma, which you can acquire by practising a speech in the mirror or by actually talking to other sims who will acquire the skill faster.

Unlock administrator branch

The Administrator's Branch has two really cool unlocks that look great on any wall. The first is the Memories of Graduation wall art and also unlocks the Learning Embetterment Award.

Professor Branch

"Pursue a career as a university professor. Conduct lectures, assist students, do research for the university and, of course, assign grades!"

The teaching branch of this career will focus on logical ability and, of course, the new skill of research and debate. You can learn logic on the chessboard and the skill of research and debate can be learned using a research machine.

You will also have new skills opened up to you on the computer, such as writing academic papers, planning lessons and writing letters of recommendation. These don't do a lot, except that paper is your daily task.

You also have the opportunity to earn extra money by tutoring students online. This takes a few hours, but you can earn a few hundred dollars when it is completed.

Unlock the professor's branch

The teacher's branch is devoid of fun unlocks, but you do unlock the learning enhancement award which is a nice addition to any home office and a new CAS item.

Final thoughts

The education career might be one of my favourite new additions in The Sims 4: Discover University, as teaching is a very common career path! You can do a lot with this career, especially with the ability to work from home.

You should also have a look at the legal and engineering career guides!

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