Work yourself to exhaustion as a salaryperson in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Some Sims just can't stop working! And not surprisingly, your Sim is one of these Sims. They'll spend most of their day at the Farseer Data Corporation office, but the social status they gain from working is worth it ... along with the salary of course.

Dedicating your life to Farseer Data Corporation and putting its needs above all else is just the first step to a salaryperson. Stability, respect and endless hours of work are in your future. Become a supervisor or an expert in your field while enjoying morning commutes and evening karaoke.

Career fields: expert and supervisor

Prepare for your job as a salary

Pick up the phone and choose Salaryperson's career to get started. We have some tips and tricks to help you make it easier to get promoted.

Increases the level of the logic skill Use the microscope, the observatory, the chess table or read a book to improve logic skills. Most of these activities satisfy the need for fun, so choose wisely.

Increases writing skills Use a computer to practise writing. Once your Sim acquires a higher skill, he will unlock more genres of books to write and even the possibility of becoming a published author from the comfort of his own home.

Choose a useful suction Fabulously wealthy or perhaps Mansion Baron aspirations seem to be the most suitable for this career. Your Sim will spend a lot of their time making money, so why not check these aspirational milestones off your to-do list.

Go to work with a positive emotion Choose the right traits so that your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure that your requirements are almost maxed out or you can work from home.

Complete the daily activity This will give a boost to your work performance.

Maintain a good relationship with colleagues When you have completed your first working day, your colleagues will appear in the relationship menu. Give them a phone call, a text message or invite them to your home for a better relationship.

For the Expert branch

Increases programming skill level The Expert branch is about deciphering the data that underpins productivity in the corporate world. Use a computer to practise programming or pick up a book on programming skills.

For the Supervisor Branch

Increases Charisma skill level Your Sim must be a respective leader in the Supervisor branch. The better your charisma, the more you can charm those under you into doing your bidding. Interact with other Sims or use a mirror to practise speaking.

Choose the right traits

It is useful to choose the right traits for the job. This will increase your Sim's happiness while working.

Ambitious These Sims get powerful moods from professional success, get negative moods from career failure and can get angry if they are not promoted.

Genie Sims tend to be focused, can share ideas with other Sims and can get angry if they do not improve their mental skills for a while.

Confident These Sims tend to be confident.

Career promotions

Now that you've settled in a bit, it's time to work on getting your Sim the promotions he deserves. Your Sim will disappear down the rabbit hole while he's working, so now all you have to do is wait for him to come home or maybe play with other Sims in your family.

Use the tricks to level up in the Salaryperson career

You can also use a cheat to give your Sim a promotion in the Salaryperson career. Make sure testingcheats true cheat is activated and then enter the following:

careers.promote CorporateWorker

A salaryperson will carry out each of his or her daily activities on a computer, so it is better to save up for one or use one in the public library.

Daily activity: preparing semi-important reports

To complete this simple operation, jump to your computer and look for the new interaction Prepare semi-imported reports. You can find the interaction in the Career ... menu of your PC. If your Sim doesn't yet have a computer, you can use one in any public library to complete this daily task.

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