Fight the supernatural as a paranormal investigator

There's a haunted house in the neighbourhood. With lots of ghosts and ecto-goos. Who are they going to call? Well, you-ouu! Scary ghosts, aggressive specters and menacing haunted objects bring chaos to the town and it's up to your Sim to save the spiritual serenity for the greater good. The freelance career of Paranormal Investigator is not for the faint of heart.

You will need The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff to unlock this career.

Paranormal investigators are the ones who are called in when things go wrong in the night. Although the job requires you to work all night, there is a lot of freedom in the type of work you do. Harder gigs mean better rewards, but who knows ... it could get pretty creepy there.


Prepare for your job as a freelance paranormal investigator

Before embarking on your career path as a ghost-hunting paranormal investigator, some preparations are recommended. We have some tips and tricks to help you get a raise more easily.

Increases the Media skill by one level: use a Séance table to improve your media skills and learn more about the paranormal. This will help you a lot while you are at work.

Unlock the trait Brave Prize: Brave Sims get scared less easily. As your Sim will encounter many scary things during his work, this could be a useful trait to buy in the Reward Shop for 8000 points.

Go to work with a positive emotion: Choose the right traits so that your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure your requirements are almost at maximum before starting a new gig.

Sacred candle holder: these things will come in handy when you are working. Sims, including your own, will feel safer when near candles and this may prevent them from getting scared. Buy sacred candles in the rewards shop for 500 points on every third one, or make them using the wraith wax you've collected.

And Bizzarri Idoli too!: It might be wise to bring Bizarre Idols to work when you start doing more challenging gigs. You don't necessarily have to bring them, but it definitely makes things easier when a certain Spectrum shows up.

Choose the right stroke: it is useful to choose the right traits for the job. This will increase your Sim's happiness while working.

Genius: these Sims tend to be focused, can share ideas with other Sims and can get angry if they do not improve their mental skills for a while.

Confident: these Sims tend to be confident.

Slob: These Sims are not affected by dirty environments and make household objects dirtier more quickly.

Ask Guidry the Ghost to start your licence

How to obtain a licence as a paranormal investigator

Unlike other freelancing jobs, you will have to prepare a little more than usual to become a paranormal investigator. First you will need to acquire a paranormal investigator's licence to be accepted by the right agency.

Try your hand at leading the ghost: When you spend time in the residences of the haunted house, your Sim will be able to meet Guidry the ghost. Make sure that your Average skill is high enough to prove that you are worthy enough of the licence.

Purchase a licence in the Reward Store: The Paranormal Investigator licence can also be purchased in the Reward Store for 3000 points.

After acquiring your license, you can move on to the Paranormal Investigator trade. Pick up the phone and choose the Freelance career to get started. Then select the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation agency to help you find the right gigs.

Do you have spirits in your house? Do you keep finding creepy dolls in your attic? Have you ever heard creepy voices outside your head? Know this, the Wraiths are out there and they're pretty dumb.

If you have been certified as a paranormal investigator, you are welcome to join the ranks of our elite ghost patrollers. As an agent, it's up to you to make this world a little less creepy.

How to earn simoleons and get a raise

You can earn simoleons by accepting concerts. You will be paid more depending on the difficulty of the chosen gig and the hourly rate of your Sims.

Ambitious Sims get a boost while lazy Sims take longer to get the raise. When your performance is at its peak, you will be given a raise.

You'll start with §55 per hour and earn §10 more in total for every raise your Sims get. Apart from some cash bonuses along the way, you won't unlock any special interactions. However, the first time you maximise your performance in your trade you will receive the Supreme Freelance Award.

Use the cheats to level up your Paranormal Investigator career.

You can also use this tricks to give your Sim a raise/promotion in his career as a freelance paranormal investigator

careers.promote Paranormalinvestigator

I am a freelance paranormal investigator, now what?

Now that your Sim is officially a Paranormal Investigator, it's time to make sure the concerts are completed. Your Sim will be able to choose between three difficulties: Beginner, Expert, and Paranormal Investigator Expert. Each working day starts at 9:30 pm and ends at 6:30 am the next morning. The location will be randomised and can be any residential lot in the worlds you have installed in your game.

Suggestion: you won't have to enter a residence for haunted houses to do this job!

How to check for concerts

Go to your career panel in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click the Check for Gigs button on the right hand side of the career information panel. You can also use your computer to do this when you choose the Freelancer option.

Complete your paranormal investigations

To complete the gigs you take on as a freelance paranormal investigator you will need to actively travel to locations and exorcise anything creepy you find when you get there. Just like with other active careers, there will be a progress bar at the top left of the screen. It will fill up the more actions you successfully complete, as you only have one task to complete: Exorcise the lot.

You can also choose to send your Sim alone, but where's the fun in that?

What happens when you don't finish the concert in time?
You will lose yield and not get paid.

Interactions to exorcise the lot

Go to the haunted place and get rid of anything creepy, by any means necessary!

Perform a cleaning ceremony: create a circle of seats and click on it to perform the ceremony and purify the spiritual serenity of the lot.

It calms the spectres: You will find cute, floating creatures all over the lot. These apparitions are Wraiths. Depending on the difficulty of the gig, they are friendly, impartial or spiteful. Try to make them happy or send them away.

Brush mysterious symbols: Clean up all strange-looking symbols on the ground.

Mop Slime Creature: Dries up any slimy puddles on the ground. Wait... was that a face? Gross!

Remove twisted tendrils: click on one of these ugly weeds and remove it from the plot.

Remove the creepy dolls: step on any of the cursed dolls in the lot. YEET! No tea party for you!

Remove the creepy hands: These creepy things from the trunk, they're hands. Yeah, pretty creepy. Click on one to remove them.

Ward off Temperance: Temperance is a Poltergeist who shows up when the spiritual serenity of a house is at its worst. Fight her by placing a bizarre idol near her or summon Bonehilda and let her kick Temperance's butt for you.

Your Sim will be rewarded for exorcising the lot. Sometimes this means that in addition to their usual simoleons, they will also receive fantastic rewards in their inventory. You can collect three types of Wraith in a jar, special candies and other items. Feel free to keep the items or sell them to an oddity collector.

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