The Sims 4 How to make roommates discover university

We've all waited years for the chance to have roommates who don't need to be part of our family and boy, it's finally here! Now you can have a roommate who will help you pay your bills.

Roommates have been added as part of The Sims 4: Discover University, but they're not just limited to staying in university accommodation, you can have a roommate in any plot in any world.

These housemates will give you a couple of hundred dollars a week to help pay the bills, which can be extremely helpful in paying for living expenses. It will be epic to tell stories and add a new level of stress to the game.

In order to ask someone to be your roommate, or place an ad, you must have an extra bed in the house that you can assign to this roommate.

How to find a roommate

There are two ways to add a housemate to your family, the first way is to ask someone who is your friend to be your housemate. They might not say yes, but it's always worth a try.

To do this, you can click on someone you know and go to the Roommate menu, then choose Ask to be a new roommate and your friend might accept and move in straight away! They might even say thanks for the offer, but I already have a house, which is a bit disappointing.

Fortunately, there is always the possibility of placing an advertisement to get a random housemate you don't currently know.

To do this, you have to click on a mobile phone or computer and under the family menu you will see the advertisement for roommates.

Once placed, you will receive a notification saying "An ad for a new roommate has been placed. Fingers crossed only for the perfect roommates!"

Over the next few days there will be random sims coming into your house, which is strange, but these are your potential housemates. When you slide your mouse over them, the potential roommate will be displayed above them.

You can talk to your potential flatmate and get to know them before making a decision, just make sure you choose to get to know them as an interaction so you can learn some of their traits. You might not want a sloppy roommate, for example!

If you meet a roommate that you think is suitable, you can choose to accept them as your new roommate when you click and they will move in immediately. You want to make sure that his room is clean and that there is room for them to put down some of their belongings.

Note: If you want to have more than one roommate, you must have enough beds! You can have more than one roommate at a time.

Living with roommates

One of the best things about the roommate system in The Sims 4 is that each roommate is completely different with their own personality and quirks. They'll be around for a long time and some of them never leave the house.

Some housemates will be extremely clean and will clean up after you. Some housemates will be extremely messy and leave piles of food and dirty dishes everywhere.

Your flatmates can organise unexpected parties at all hours of the night by inviting everyone they know, or they can invite their friend or romantic partner whenever they want. It really is like having a real roommate.

The best part about roommates is that they will give money to your sim every other day. This will be extremely useful for paying bills or rent if you live in a flat.

The amount you get will depend on how much your bills are and how many people live in your household.

Convincing a roommate to move in

Your roommate might decide to move out on his own, one day I had my sim and her boyfriend kiss in the roommates bedroom and he immediately told me he was leaving and I got this notification:

When this happens, the sim usually leaves within the day and you can choose to place an ad for a new roommate or live alone.

You can also choose to ask a housemate to leave from the housemates' social menu.

Roommate notes

From time to time you might see a note next to your bed on the floor that seems to appear out of nowhere. These notes are from your wonderful flatmates!

They can be mean notes about you not cleaning the dishes or just other random dramatic notes. They are really funny so I recommend reading them!

Final thoughts

The roommates have been a really great addition to the game and will create so many new storytelling and gaming opportunities for the simmers. We are so excited to have roommates. What do you think of the new roommate system in the game? Let me know in the comments!

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