The Sims 4 Engineer Career Guide

We have been given three new careers with The Sims 4 Discover University and they are education, law and finally engineer!

All of these careers have been highly anticipated by players and are necessary additions to the game, so we are all very excited about them.

The engineer's career focuses heavily on programming, practicality and, of course, the brand new robotics skill that has been added to the game.

Traits for a career as an engineer

The best trait for the engineering career would be genius, because genius sims will get focused random moodlets that will help them.

Being focused when using the robotics station will help your sim to perform better, and it is also a great state of mind to be in when practising programming, which is also necessary for this career.

Degrees that help with engineering

The advantage of going to university in The Sims 4 is that you can skip some levels of a career and earn extra money, including a signing bonus.

The degrees that will benefit the engineering career are computer science and physics.

Working from home

Many of the new careers we've got in The Sims 4 have the option to work from home, this is a welcome addition for simmers who like to keep their careers simple or stay at home with their kids.

One hour before your sim is set to go to work, a pop-up will appear in the bottom left corner asking you whether you want to go to work, work from home or take a paid break.

When you choose the work-from-home option, you will be assigned certain tasks to complete during the day that you must have done before the start of your next shift.

When you finish these small tasks you will be given some money and you can even earn a bonus from your boss the next day.

The tasks you will get in the engineer career can include things like writing a product report, reviewing diagnostics, etc.. All this can be done in the career menu on the computer in the engineer section!

Engineer career levels

"There are many problems in the world that require modern and creative solutions. Take your love of technology and pursue a career in engineering to solve the world's problems with computers and mechanical gadgets!"

Working through a career as an engineer will be expensive, because you will have to have some expensive things in the house to carry out your daily activities.

For example, you will need the robotic table that costs §1,100 to acquire the robotic skill. You will also need to work on your programming skills, so you will need a computer.

Fortunately, you also have the option of going to Foxbury Commons to use these same things.

You will also have to work on your manual skills, which can be done by fixing broken objects in the house, updating things or using the woodworking table.

Unlock the engineering career (before the branch)

Most of the things you'll unlock in your engineering career will be things you make on the robotics station to improve your life, but you get an item in construction mode to put on your wall, a framed project!

Computer engineer branch

"The future is in the hands of computer engineers who build worlds within worlds to keep our puffing efficient."

The software engineer branch of this career will focus on programming and robotics, so you can do things like hacking to make money from your programming skills while working on your career.

Daily activities in this career include building a computer chip, which can be done on the robotics table in the craft materials section.

Unlock the software engineer

In the first part of the career, you were awarded a Framed Blueprint, now you are given a Framed Patent. Not the most exciting unlocks, because this career focuses very much on things that can be implemented on the robotics table like Utili-Bots and Servos.

You will also be able to unlock the new computer glasses

Mechanical engineer branch

"It will take more than software to bring the world into the 22nd century. That's where mechanical engineering comes in!"

As a mechanical engineer you will need to focus your time on robotics skills and practicality, so it might be worth investing in a woodworking table so you can make money by improving your skills.

All your daily tasks will be completed on the robotics table, but be careful not to feel dizzy from being electrocuted, so don't move on if this happens to avoid death.

Final thoughts

The engineering career is a very welcome addition to the game and can be really fun along with the robotics skill and the new robotics table. You can create fantastic robots and other fun things to clean, celebrate and more! What do you think about a career as an engineer? Let us know in the comments!

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